During the height of the pandemic, employment was sparse and the risk of catching COVID-19 was significantly elevated for seniors. With over half of the U.S. population now having at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, life is returning to normal. Restrictions have been lifted in most parts of the country, and it is safe for vaccinated seniors to get out and about once again.

In retirement, part of welcoming a more “normal” life once again can involve working part-time. If you’ve been in search of fulfilling work, explore five of the best post-pandemic jobs for seniors from Designed Retirements.

Online teaching

Despite in-class instruction resuming, there is now a greater demand for online classes than ever before. Being able to attend virtual lectures and take tests on one’s own schedule provides an incredible degree of flexibility. This allows students to work, take care of their children, and handle other daily responsibilities as needed.

As a result of this shift, the demand for online educators has increased. If you were previously a teacher, or are a subject matter expert, part-time teaching in an online setting may be right for you. While this kind of position sounds like it involves a high-degree of tech savvy, most platforms used by colleges and universities are surprisingly user-friendly, and can be learned in an afternoon.

Providing childcare services

Now that parents are returning back to the office, childcare services are in high demand. In fact, this demand should persist through the end of the year. During the summer and fall months, employees at hundreds of companies are required to stop working from home. Combined with the start of school, this will lead to a nationwide need for qualified childcare providers.

To fill this need, consider working as a childcare service provider — or start your own business. Providing these services may be exactly what your community needs in the coming months.

Start a home-based business

Have an idea for a home-based business that you’d love to pursue? Now is an excellent time to launch your own company. From making baked goods to carving furniture, there are endless possibilities for what you can do.

No matter your chosen industry or expertise, there are certain things you’ll want to do to ensure the success of your business. First, you will need to obtain all necessary permits, licenses, and inspections that are required by your state and county. Next, you’ll want to hire employees (or freelancers), and establish how you’ll handle payroll. When we say “payroll”, this includes knowing how to report income taxes (including state and federal), handling benefits (if offered), and issuing direct deposits. Using a trustworthy payroll service can simplify these complex tasks, and will ensure no mistakes are made along the way.

Dog walking/sitting services

Similar to the post-pandemic demand increase for childcare, people who are returning to the office this summer/fall will need reliable individuals to both walk and care for their dogs. Seniors who have a love of dogs should consider filling this need within their communities. You can do so by offering your services through your own business, or by joining one of today’s popular pet sitting marketplaces.

Consulting in your area of expertise

Are you particularly knowledgeable in a specific area (e.g. accounting, IT, marketing)? One of the more popular part-time job options for seniors is consulting. Depending on your specialty, you can offer your services to individuals or businesses to help them with specific problems and concerns.

The most effective way to enjoy retirement while working part-time is to do something you enjoy. Rather than taking any job that comes along, now is the time to pursue a passion or an unexplored talent. You never know where your latest venture may lead.

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