It will soon be that time, when you’ll sit back and ask yourself how you are going to improve yourself in the coming year.  As in most years, you know this introspection will occur, but more importantly, will you succeed?  “Easier said than done” is all too often the result of all good intentions and resolve.  But now, as you age, these resolutions become more IMPORTANT.  These resolutions can seriously improve your life through better health, mental sharpness, renewed relationships or maybe your financial condition.  Losing that sticky five pounds may lower your blood pressure and help stave off diabetes, while focusing on mental sharpness by completing that extra Sudoku or learning a new subject, will keep your interests peaked and your inquisitiveness alive.  The possibilities are significant and just by determining the resolutions and achieving them will help improve your lifestyle and your outlook. 

  So, how do you go about establishing resolutions with a goal of success?  To start, brainstorm possible resolutions under each area of the Designed RetirementsÆ pillars of retirement success: 

  • Financial
  • Wellness
  • Social
  • Self-Improvement
  • Spiritual

Once completed, reduce the list to the three to five that you consider most important AND achievable.  Then, set up the support mechanisms to ensure YOU DO accomplish them.  Depending on the intensity of your resolution, you may need a support group or someone you can team with to ensure you are on track for success.  If the resolution is more of a personal nature, you may need daily reminders or a daily calendar entry to drive your success.  Check websites that are relevant to your resolution, so you receive even more encouragement, and look for tips on how to keep your resolve.

  But the real key to success is to set interim objectives ON A PRE-PLANNED BASIS, which you check on at the defined intervals.  SET INTERIM RESOLUTION OBJECTIVES AND SET A REMINDER TO CHECK YOUR PROGRESS ON THOSE SPECIFIC DATES.  Can I emphasize it enough?  And yes, NO PROCRASTINATION!  The reason you are setting these goals is TO IMPROVE YOURSELF and no one can do it but you.  And, as previously mentioned, as you age, these goals improve your health, your outlook, your curiosity or any other aspect of your life that you know needs some work.

  Another New Year is upon us and another opportunity for you to improve your life through dedication and resolve.  “Just Do It” may be a much too simple statement when it comes to something this important especially as you age.  Develop your own “Just do it” statement that is important to you, possibly focusing on “Just Doing It” for someone else to help you succeed.  But succeed you will and you will be the beneficiary.  And if you have a Designed RetirementsÆ plan, what a better time to review and revise it to help you succeed.  Happy New Year and to a successful goal driven 2020!

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