I have not done a blog since Covid 19 became a part of our lives back in March. Classic writer’s block since events and personal decisions were just too overwhelming.

Looking back, even though it’s far from over, it has awakened us to our vulnerabilities and focused our thoughts on “give me back the old days”. Something like this was just not supposed to happen. We had controls, expertise, knowledge, and commitments. How susceptible are we and will always be? This was a hard awakening and one that will stay with us, our children and our grandchildren as they age and look back.

On a personal note, when we first hooked up with some of the grandkids during the early days of the pandemic, I had to hand them packets of M&Ms using a grab-it bar since we didn’t want to get close. I am sure they will never forget the creative way to get M&Ms. I still go back to the picture I posted with my last blog as a reference and reminder.

So, now it’s six months later. We’re taking the same kids to Dairy Queen tonight. They will love it and they and we will all hopefully have a new-found appreciation. Life as it should be.

Just a few months ago, our thoughts were “Could or would we ever do X again?” How could we not? This is what life is about! Family, connections, experiences, fun. It has been interrupted and postponed, but not stopped. The little things are now appreciated more than before. That walk, that sunset, that coffee, that song, that “Hey, Grandpa, can you…”. We have been smacked in the face. But we get up, march forward, and work/play as always.

Savor the moments and say thanks. We know they are fleeting and paying more attention to the common will serve new appreciations. Extend that talk a little more; enjoy that lunch a little more; spend more time together a little more. Time is important and limited.

Happy Retirement!
Ed Morton

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