Consider, for a moment, how many times in a day, or a week, you have asked for help or guidance in your special spiritual way.    According to Pew Research, 55% of people pray every day, while another 21% pray weekly or monthly.  While prayer is individual to everyone, according to research, it is usually to give thanks or focus on a family need.  Each person’s time in prayer with their individual thoughts, needs, etc. are special.  There are probably many thoughts and requests, and depending on the individual or situation, a prayer or a request for guidance may happen multiple times in the day.

  Personally, I have tried the multiple times in the day approach and have failed miserably.  I have tried alarms, remembering, things on my wrist, etc., but I just do not have the discipline to stop what I’m doing and move directly to prayer.  My thoughts are always back on what I was previously doing and what I have to accomplish.  This is terribly frustrating given the intention and the day ends knowing I made the attempt, but it was not successful.  But I believe I have found a way to focus on what I normally would during prayer, can do it multiple times in the day, and it is not disruptive.

  I focus on the ONE THING that I consider the most important.  It is the ONE request that I would like most to see achieved.  The ONE THING approach greatly simplifies the effort, puts you in the proper mindset, and focuses your energies.  It also is easier to remember this approach multiple times in the day, and when I do focus on it, I realize the ONE THING’S importance and how much I seriously hope it will occur.

  I have also found that using this approach increases the duration of time in prayer and helps extend your detachment effort. 

  I hope you find this simple approach useful.

  Happy Retirement. 

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